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What we do

Bergen Carbon Solutions use innovative technology to produce carbon nanofiber, a groundbreaking material with applications in everything from energy storage to protective clothing.

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production of carbon nanofibers from CO2
what we do

A new use for carbon dioxide Rather than using natural gas to produce carbon nanofibers – with resulting CO₂ emissions – Bergen Carbon Solutions uses CO₂ to produce the nanofibers – leaving only O₂ emissions. The company does this by capturing CO₂ directly from industrial chimneys. The Bergen Carbon system uses less energy than traditional methods, and the only by-product of the process is pure oxygen gas. Bergen Carbon Solutions production process is a CO₂-negative technology, which results in cleaner air and reduced industrial emissions. Concrete benefits due to their unique combination of strength, durability and conductivity, carbon nanofibers have a vast range of applications. They have revolutionised energy storage, protective clothing, flame retardance and oil spill remediation, as well as therapeutic cancer drugs. Bergen Carbon Solutions’ technology makes the production of carbon nanofibers more cost effective, with a positive environmental impact. Greenhouse gases are removed from the atmosphere rather than added to it.

  • with our product, your product will be better

  • CO2 negative

  • Energy efficient

  • The marked is growing and more customers find the use of our product

Our Team

Jan B. Sagmo

Since 2016 he has been the CEO and Cofounder of the company Bergen Carbon Solutions. The school background is in chemical engineering from HVL, and after he took innovation and management from North University

Finn Blydt-Svendsen

School background is in chemical engineering from HVL, and after he took innovation and management from North University

Ivan F. Eriksen

He is a automation engineer, and he has many years experience working with B2B sales

Nikou Fazel

Chemical Engineer
Has a master’s in physical chemistry, she is also responsible project manager in chemistry-related projects

Elisabeth Gåthe

Marketing Cooridnator
Bachelor of Management, BI Bergen and OVGU University, Magdeburg

Kristin M. Leonhardsen

R&D Manager
Responsible for research projects, as well as customer-related development projects

Geir Grande

Mechanical Engineer
Responsible for mechanical engineering projects, and development of new mechanical solutions

Fredrik Hansen

Chemical Engineer
Has a master’s degree in inorganic chemistry, is also responsible for instruments and analysis tools

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